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Experience, Experience & More Experience

We are Kristian & Marianne, and this is our business. We are Danish citizens and have been sailing together for over 30 years.  Marianne holds an International Yacht Master 3rd Degree license and Kristian holds an International Yacht Master 1st Degree license.  We designed and built two larger sailboats from scratch and we've sailed the Baltic Sea, the North Sea, the English Channel, the Mediterranean, the Pacific Ocean & the Carribean.  In fact, we sailed across the Atlantic Ocean twice, once in a boat that we built.  We have chartered boats for customers like you for 27 years in the Bahamas, Central America, and the Virgin Islands where we have been for the past 22 years.

We understand customer service and care about your catamaran vacation experience in a way that larger companies and younger crews simply cannot.  Our extensive experience with boats and chartering will give you a greater peace of mind and allow you to more fully relax and enjoy your vacation.

You are the best host’s we have ever had! Every little thing you did made us feel at home and pampered at the same time. You took us to the most wonderful spots for snorkeling and enjoying the views. We love your boat and the two of you! The food was fantastic! Thank you so much!

Kathy and Jeff

This is difficult to put into words just how unique our time has been on Breanker and with the two of you. Your patience, obvious experience and talent on deck and in the kitchen, and your infectious smiles are unparalleled. I can only say thank you for sharing part of your lives with us. People are truly blessed to have spent time with the two of you. We share that blessing.


Safety from In-Depth Knowledge

We designed and built our first sailing yacht, a traditional 68' Baltic Trader, Nana, in Denmark in the seventies and set off in 1983 on a four-year cruise in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. We sold Nana and we started the project of designing and building Casador, a luxurious 68' aluminum sloop which became the cover of Cruising World in Feburary 2003 shown in the picture here.  We chartered Casador for many years, giving us a unique perspective on exactly what makes a boat great for customers.

We used that knowledge to completely retrofit Breanker for your pleasure and safety.  We know our boat to a level of detail that many charter captains will never understand.

Thank you both for a wonderful week – We are speechless!!!

I am so glad we went with you for our charter! You made the trip so easy for us but we know the two of you worked so very hard. Your experience shows and we had complete confidence in your knowledge, skill and judgment. You made us feel safe and took excellent care of our young children – our most valuable treasures!

Nilesh, Monica, Rekha, Keegan and Maya

More Guest Comments About Us...

I was lucky enough to know Cheryl and Don Wegner, and even luckier that they invited me along on one of their awesome adventures! I instantly felt welcome in your home and found the accommodations to be beyond my expectations. I was VERY well feed, VERY well attended too – and I wanted for nothing. Your expertise with the BVI’s made me feel safe. It was the best vacation I have been on! Thank you for taking me on this great adventure.

Xoxo Margy


Kristian and Marianne. This is our 4thtime aboard, and we never get tired of you! Again your amazing hospitality, sailing skills and great food made for another wonderful BVI trip. Now we ad to the list of compliments, your survivor skills. 40 knots wind tore both the awnings – and out comes the sewing machine to fix them!  WOW – you’re prepared for anything! And I have to mention how impressed we were that you two can sew together – quite the teamwork! 

Till next time – xoxo Cheryl and Don

Cheryl and Don

25thtime repeats

Dear Kristian and Marianne. These past two weeks has flown by. It is hard to believe that we have been on 25 charters with you guys since January 2000 aboard Casador. Keith Berger really summed up well why we keep coming back – Breanker is a great boat, you guys do a great job with such ease. It is a privilege to call you “friends”. Thank you for being our home base since our home in St. John was severely damaged by hurricane Irma. We have been able to get a lot accomplice in a short time.

We are thankful that Breanker survived both Irma and Maria and is in such a good shape. We really enjoyed our time onboard and look forward to # 26! 

May the rest of your season be blessed!!

Much love Martin and Jodie

Martin and Jodie

Marianne and Kristian. Thank you for such a beautiful week. To be with you on Mart and Jodie’s 25thtrip with you was special. As I look back on the week a few things come to mind…. There is a way to know someone by simply watching what they do. In this past week it has been a work of art to watch you both. You are amazing craftsmen in all the parts in your work and service: Economy of motion and grace with the boat, exquisite dishes on the table, attentiveness to the smallest of details in every way. That kind of pride in your craft is beautiful to see and a real part of the joy in the trip. But then there is the ease of friendship and laughter with you that makes the trip unforgettable!

Thank you so much for letting us into the stories of your life on boats and the glimpses into your home in Denmark. We have rarely felt more “at home” with people we just met. But thank you for a beautiful week. Breanker is a beautiful boat and you both are a grace to the islands. 

Thanks again,

Keith and Page

Keith and Page

24 times repeat

Once again Marianne, you and Kristian have been amazing!! The way the two of you have “walked ” with us through this time checking at our home on St. John and the island in general, has been GREAT! Often being with you for 25 (+ or ) trips it was good to see it all for the first time with you both. The water is still beautiful, the islands are green, the beaches are waiting….. Breanker and you are STILL AWESOME!!

Thank you and we love you, Martin and Jodie


Martn and Jodie

Marianne and Kristian, I truly don’t know where to begin; To try and share my thoughts and feelings abut this past week would take me “pages”! Without a doubt this is OUR BEST FAMILY VACATION EVER! From the beautiful boat to the incredible harbors, snorkeling adventures, boat jumping, tubing, family swimming and so much more – it was all over the top! And what can I say about our meals…. your cooking was FANTASTIC! You both did everything possible to make our family experience onboard the Breanker truly special – and it was! I have never had so much fun and relaxed so much all at the same time. As I stand above – I can go on pages…. Tarpon, sea turtles, pirate show, Honeymoon Bay, sunsets, bubbly pool, kayaking and trail hiking!! Please understand that as I write this and reflect on our week, literally have tears in my eyes thinking about all the wonderful family memories that we made here. Jack, Phillip, Ashley and I will cherish this experience forever. It was also a true pleasure to get to know you and Kristian. Thank you for the hospitality and new friendship forayed… Good luck with your Denmark project and I wish you safe travel home!

We will defiantly be back for another Breanker adventure! Thank you again for this incredible experience. Good Bless 

With love John, Ashley, Jack – 10 and Phillip – 7

My highlight was snorkeling; I had so much fun at Buck Island with the sea turtles. Jack

I enjoyed snorkeling at Peter Island. Love Phillip

Phillip, John, Ashley and Jack

April 5, 2017

Marianne and Kristian, I started this trip at a 0 out of 10. I was terrified of the ocean and apparently had a large seasickness that I did not know of. I couldn’t look at an ocean swell without being scared and my heart beating fast. The first morning when I woke up and threw up for 30 min. off the side of the boat really solidified to me that I shouldn’t be on the water. However, all I needed was a day and you guys made me feel so at home, (ocean included). Somehow with your guidance, and calm, cool collectiveness, I was able to ease my way into the ocean and overcome (not all the way) my fears. I saw dolphins, swam with turtles, heard “shark” and got out of the water (Thank Good), and so much more. The food was incredible and the company of you guys was so much better. Wish you nothing but the best!

Xoxo Kelly – (the girl that was scared of the ocean)


Kristian and Marianne, Lighting does strike twice! This our second trip with you and again the adventure was one to remember. I especially appreciate the way I can share with you what our family likes to do and you then take us to the place where that vision becomes reality. Private beaches, coral reefs, hiking trails, visiting old plantation ruins, and spending a night listening to live music in a cozy island bay bar! More happy days to you both. 

Dan and Linda 

Dan and Linda

March 17, 2017

Dear Kristian and Marianne, Dave and I would like to thank you for your graciousness this week – we loved spending the time on Breanker with you both as our hosts. It’s difficult to have four couples with different needs and expectations, but you managed to make it all seem seamless and to make each couple feel completely spoiled. And as special as this past week has been, with so many fun and different moorings, I think that the one thing we will treasure most is meeting the two of you and getting to know you. We wish you the best in the future adventures and truly hope to be able to spend more time with you on Breanker again!

Hugs to you both, Dave and Susan

Dave and Susan

Kristian and Marianne. WOW what a wonderful week! We greatly appreciate your hospitality, flexibility and unfailing good humor this week. The food was marvelous, the boat and the amenities perfect – you just made it seem so easy. THANK YOU for a perfect week and we look forward to joining you here on Breanker again in the future. In the meantime we will follow you on the net and wish you safe travels and fair weather. Thank you again for everything.

Brian and Heather.

Brian and heather