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18thMay, 2019

Dear Marianne and Kristian. I am not sure how to put into words our experience with you. Thank you for sharing your home, life experiences, knowledge and passion for the islands. The trip was so much more than I expected. Not only did you show us coves and beaches that because of your knowledge we would not have found on our own, and you showed us friendship! How lucky we are to have spend our 30thanniversary with two people who has been together “forever” and love each other so much as you do. I admire your passion for each other. So rare today and such an inspiration for us all.

Kelly and Tim

Kelly and Tim

Kristian and Marianne, Thank you! Thank you for opening up your beautiful home to us for our seven (7) day weekend. You two are an amazing couple, which simply made our stay on the high seas better than imagined. My favorite moments were listening as you shared your lifetime of experiences and adventures with us. You have a beautiful history together and amazing stories to tell, from high school sweethearts to senior adults you have consistently taken small things in life and made them bigger. The VW Beetle is a perfect example- to the average person the bug wasn’t road worthy, however you two saw it differently. Working hand in hand with limited resources you made her worthy and traveled throughout Europe sporting her nine colors and even allowed hith hikers to share the experience. Thank you for sharing your passion for life and living. The past week has been nothing short of amazing.



Dear Kristian and Marianne,

Kyle describes how I feel about being on the boat with you for seven days. You treat us like family. We have been so comfortable on your boat. You gave us tips to where to go and what to see. We loved the quiet snorkeling spots. I loved that I didn’t have to lift a finger. A true vacation. I feel very spoiled. Thank you!



Thank you for an awesome vacation Marianne and Kristian. We have enjoyed our time with you and “the Islands”. The food was excellent! The drinks were excellent! 

Cheers, Teresa and Graham

Teresa and Graham

Marianne and Kristian. We had a wonderful week aboard Breanker despite the wind. You achieve something that is not always easy in a little space such as a boat that is to make us feel at home. I love to say also that the Breanker is so well maintained that it doesn’t show it’s age. You can tell that there is a lot of hard work behind that and I appreciate it. To summarize it, thank you very much for a perfect holiday. Will tell about it to our friends and who knows, you might have some over here in the near future.

Good sailing, Tahi and Clara

Tahi and Clara

Dear Marianne and Kristian. Thank you for all your warm little details during this unforgettable week with you on Breanker. We’ll never forget your delicious dishes; your cocktails and wines, your hospitality and the way you make us all feel at home during the cruise!! We all loved the sailing with you!!

Lots of love, David and Mar

David and Mar

Dear Marianne and Kristian, we loved our first experience on a boat. We enjoyed so very much our trip, your kindness, and your food far above our expectations. For us the trip has been a really good holiday and you being a part of it. Thank you very much, we hope to meet again in the future.

Maria and Ana

Maria and Ana

Thank you for all these wonderful days! We’ve felt at home (considering home in paradise). You are so experienced and loving that time, it has been unforgettable. Wish we come again soon. Hope we meet again here, in Spain or Denmark. Thank you for the wonderful trip and anticipations for your work, sailing, cooking, everything!!



Thank you very much. It’s been really like being with family. Everything in the boat is well maintained, the food is good and the relationship with you two is a bless. I hope to see you again not long from now.



Dear Marianne and Kristian. We have been looking forward to this trip since we booked it in 2017. We had a fabulous trip the first time in 2010 and hoped the second trip would be just as good. You did not disappoint us!  We so both enjoyed the knowledge you shared about the islands we passed and visited. The devastation from the 2017 hurricanes became so real to us we did not realize how many people are still suffering. The food you served us was spectacular. We wanted doggie bags for next week! You made us feel welcome in your home away from your house in Denmark. Breanker is a beautiful place. May there always be a breeze to fill your sails!

Love, Gary and Susan

Gary and Susan