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Experience, Experience & More Experience

We are Kristian & Marianne, and this is our business. We are Danish citizens and have been sailing together for over 30 years.  Marianne holds an International Yacht Master 3rd Degree license and Kristian holds an International Yacht Master 1st Degree license.  We designed and built two larger sailboats from scratch and we've sailed the Baltic Sea, the North Sea, the English Channel, the Mediterranean, the Pacific Ocean & the Carribean.  In fact, we sailed across the Atlantic Ocean twice, once in a boat that we built.  We have chartered boats for customers like you for 27 years in the Bahamas, Central America, and the Virgin Islands where we have been for the past 22 years.

We understand customer service and care about your catamaran vacation experience in a way that larger companies and younger crews simply cannot.  Our extensive experience with boats and chartering will give you a greater peace of mind and allow you to more fully relax and enjoy your vacation.

You are the best host’s we have ever had! Every little thing you did made us feel at home and pampered at the same time. You took us to the most wonderful spots for snorkeling and enjoying the views. We love your boat and the two of you! The food was fantastic! Thank you so much!

Kathy and Jeff

This is difficult to put into words just how unique our time has been on Breanker and with the two of you. Your patience, obvious experience and talent on deck and in the kitchen, and your infectious smiles are unparalleled. I can only say thank you for sharing part of your lives with us. People are truly blessed to have spent time with the two of you. We share that blessing.


Safety from In-Depth Knowledge

We designed and built our first sailing yacht, a traditional 68' Baltic Trader, Nana, in Denmark in the seventies and set off in 1983 on a four-year cruise in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. We sold Nana and we started the project of designing and building Casador, a luxurious 68' aluminum sloop which became the cover of Cruising World in Feburary 2003 shown in the picture here.  We chartered Casador for many years, giving us a unique perspective on exactly what makes a boat great for customers.

We used that knowledge to completely retrofit Breanker for your pleasure and safety.  We know our boat to a level of detail that many charter captains will never understand.

Thank you both for a wonderful week – We are speechless!!!

I am so glad we went with you for our charter! You made the trip so easy for us but we know the two of you worked so very hard. Your experience shows and we had complete confidence in your knowledge, skill and judgment. You made us feel safe and took excellent care of our young children – our most valuable treasures!

Nilesh, Monica, Rekha, Keegan and Maya

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Three couples from Finland, six good friends, one plan in February 20011, Breanker, Marianne and Kristian. Six hat-headed friends sharing a home with a lovely couple and a lizard.

Ingredients of a once in a lifetime holiday: Love, good laughs, Marianne’s excellent food, Kristian’s Pina Coladas and eyes, sunsets, snorkeling, relaxing, swimming, clear blue water, turtles and sharks, 5 coffees and a little cup of tea, rain following eating, folded napkins, fruity and fresh smoothies, Black Jack with poker eyes, 11 hours of sleeping.

A dream came true, beautiful views, good stories enjoying life☺

Warm thank you from co-captains Siru, Teppo, Annemari, Adrian, Maria, Mika

Siru, Teppo, Annemari, Adrian, Maria, Mika

Kristian and Marianne, it was good seeing y’all again! Y’all are a great crew and even better people. I love y’all so much and hope to see you again very soon.


Kristian and Marianne, how to begin! Being with Lois and her family who had this experience before, I had no idea of what to expect. How quickly you both removed any apprehension I might have had coming aboard. From day one being picked up on the dinghy, through the entire trip around the island of the BVI’s the both of you showered us with a genuine hospitality that is unsurpassed! Thank you !! It has been so very exiting to meet a couple like yourselves who has so much talent and openness to share it all with us guests. Many thanks, keep well. Enjoy your well-earned trip back to Denmark and God Bless.


Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful home away from home with us and all of our friends. I know we can be a bit rowdy at times but all in fun! You both are genuinely at the top of your game – you only do the very best of every thing – nothing is done half way – you do every thing with grace and ease but the show is spectacular and we all know that behind the scenes you worked so hard to create the perfect masterpiece. You both are absolutely at the top of your field and I surely wan you to know, I loved it!! You are welcome to come visit Jeff and I any time!

P.S. It was one of the best weeks of my life – we had an absolute blast!