We Love Children

We are parents and grandparents so we love children and know how to help children have the time of their life on a catamaran vacation while ensuring that they remain safe.

Come and visit us some time in Pittsburg. We cannot thank you enough! We liked every thing, we might come back. We really liked your food! We all liked your cheesecake. Cam really liked it so did Patti/mom and Ann and especially me, Lauren. We will miss you guys.

Wrote by Lauren, nine years old, almost ten.

Amazing! The trip of a lifetime. A great experience. WOW. Thank you very much.

Parker Shea (11 years old)


Thank you so much for the awesome food. We had a wonderful time. The snorkeling was so much fun. We saw a lot of fish. I can’t wait to come back.

Rekha (9 years old)

We enjoyed our trip to the BVI’s. We appreciate the countless painkillers you made with us along with all the other stuff you did for us. We hate to leave because we have had such a great trip and we hope to join you on another vacation soon. Thank you for showing us some great sights on all the little islands you took us to. It was a great trip we will never forget.

Sincerely us – the kids – Julia, Mary Caroline, Mary Elizabeth, Colin. – written by Julia (10 years old)

Thank you so much! I had a wonderful time, this was an awesome trip (one of the best)! I LOVED the food and the drinks, the snorkeling, the beaches and the water was great! It was very fun sleeping on the boat, especially with the rocking! I hope we get to come back.

Love Molly (11 years old)

To Marianne and Kristian, thank you a lot! I liked this trip a lot! The swimming was really nice (and wet). Again thanks!

From Maggie (age 9)

This was my favorite vacation. I loved every thing. The food, places and the boat, and most importantly the crew. I’ve never had a tuna steak before but I loved it. Breakfast was great with all the fresh fruit and food. The lunches were perfect after a day of swimming and the dinners were things I would never had thought of having. THANK YOU!

Keelan (age 14)

We have had the most wonderful relaxing week with you. I can’t wait to come back. Your gracious hospitality has won our family’s heart. You both are such gentle genius people. I will always have fond memories of this trip with you, especially since you stole my son, Arthur’s heart with your fabulous meals and your caring spirit. Kristian, you are such a gentle person. It was a pleasure spending the week with you and see how you calmly handled your boat and every situation we encountered. Many thanks for the introducing our family to the BVI way of life! We’ll be back!

Fondly, Arthur, Carlton Arthur and Dudley

Come see us in the mountains! P.S. You are a fabulous cook Marianne

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Dear Marianne and Kristian. Hearing that we were going to be on a boat for the most part of our vacation exited me greatly, and it did not disappoint. The food was superb and the drinks were amazing! – especially Kristian’s painkillers. We have had the honor of visiting some brilliant islands and reefs. The atmosphere and warmth on this boat have been very special, and you are both lovely, caring people.
Thank you for a brilliant week.

Simon (age 14)

Dear Marianne and Kristian. WOW…..What to say!..... We have been lucky enough to see some beautiful places over the last 10 years or so, but this holiday takes the price for the best ever! So many beautiful places (and still so many left to see for next cruise…..!) Delecious food (every meal!) than even sometimes-defeated 4 teenagers! Great “Happy Hour” (or two hours or three) and some wonderful restaurants and bars you shoved us too. Hard not to admire what you do – not just the hard work, the professionalism, the hospitality, your relaxed and easy going atmosphere (perfect for vacation!) – but the character the two of you bring to us all. It has been a privileged getting to know you just a little bit….and a shame it will be a while before we see you again. We were all ready trying to figure out this morning when we can come back next year (Easter unlikely because of teenagers with Public exams!)….but we will figure it out, even if we have to miss a season! Love you both, thanks for a wonderful time, for sharing your home with us and for being so relaxed and welcoming with “our” four guys. We will miss you both…. Until next time….

Mary and Tom

Dear Marianne and Kristian, Thank you so much for this last week. I have enjoyed every part of this week. The food has been consistently amazing, as have been the drinks! The ship is beautiful and very homely. I wish I could stay longer. I loved the island and all the places we went, and I can’t wait to come back.
Thanks so much, Rob

Rob (age 16)

From all of us, thank you for welcoming us into your world and home. The seas, dives, Happy Hours and meals were all superb – only surpassed by the graciousness of our hosts. We are lucky to be able to call you friends. We had a wonderful time! Thanks for all the hard work and the hospitality to make our vacation fun! We love you!! Waiting to return soon…. (your favorite 3rd grader Greg!!!) Hope to see you both again

The Tupelo Crew, The Burks, Ramsey’s and West

Thank you for having me! I really enjoyed the food and all of the beautiful sites. I loved getting to do different things and meeting new people. I love you guys! I love the beach!

P.S. Kristian I loved sailing! I am going to get my sailing license.

The girly sea girl

Mary (age 11)

“Heaven on a plate” – Marianne’s food
Thank you so much for taking us to amazing snorkeling spots and windy sailing. The food was amazing and I hope we can come again next break.

Jack (age 11)

I love the food it is awesome. It was so fun.

Suzie (age 8)

Thank you for the excellent pasta.

Kamran (age 10)

WOW what an incredible first sailing trip with the kids! We will defiantly return and charter with you again! You set a great course packed with everything that everyone wanted to do! It’s a hard job to satisfy 7 people all with different whishes and you did it with such grace and charm. We look forward to a future trip.


This is the place to be.

Kian (age 10)