Every Trip is Customized Just For You

Catamaran vacations typically start in either Red Hook, St. Thomas or Road Town, Beef Island on Tortola. From there, we go where your preferences or the wind wants to take us. Below is just a sample list of the islands and locations on those islands where we can take you.


Anegada is a beach lover's playground, a big, flat coral atoll, surrounded by a huge reef, and a miniscule population of both humans and flamingos. Literally miles of beaches! Swim or snorkel at Loblolly Bay or visit the salt ponds and see the pink flamingoes that have been re-introduced to the island. This is the place for your Caribbean lobster dinner ashore!

Cooper Island

Cooper Island's Manchioneel Bay is a great night time stop over, with a small resort and dive shop ashore. From here you might want to jump over to the Wreck of the RMS Rhone (Seen in the Nick Nolte film "The Deep") where portions are shallow enough to see by snorkeling.

And not far away, you can hear the echoes from the islet of Dead Man's Chest... "Yo ho ho and a bottle of Rum!"

Guana Island

Guana Island is a wildlife sanctuary. Monkey Point is another great place to snorkel or laze on the beach. There are two beautiful, fine sand beaches here where you can relax, enjoy the sun and read or sleep.

Great Camanoe Island

Lee Bay is an idyllic setting for a candle-lit dinner below a tableau of stars. Here you can sit back and watch for shooting stars. During the day you can take a hike through native bush to Cam Bay across a short isthmus.

This island is full of local bird life, flora and fauna untouched by the influence of man. Huge aloe plants line your path, providing a home for an abundance of lizards, birds and hermit crabs. Later, to cool off, snorkel in the crystal clear waters. The variety of fish here is amazing. Watch out for parrot fish, spotted drums, cleaner ship, angels and many, many others.

Maybe you remember Sidney Poitier in the film "Our Virgin Isle," depicting Marina Cay? It's the site of a popular overnight anchorage, a little resort, a Pusser's Co. Store and restaurant, and official home to the fictional "Republic of Cuervo."

Jost Van Dyke

Jost Van Dyke is the party island, with the barefoot bars and beaches of White Bay and Great Harbour awaiting, along with snorkeling at tiny Green Cay and Sandy Cay.

Jost Van Dyke is the home of the indomitable Foxy Callwood, famed for his impromptu calypsos. Enjoy a Painkiller as Foxy strums his guitar and unerringly creates a topical calypso just for you. Let the atmosphere surround and envelop you as you enjoy another superb dinner onboard your yacht.

Norman Island

Norman Island is reputed to be Long John Silver's Treasure Island, from Robert Louis Stevenson's novel of the same name. Anchored in the Bight, the main anchorage, are yet another pirate ship, the "William Thornton" floating restaurant and bar, and a noted stop-over for charter guests. The Bight is a calm and comfortable place to eat dinner and look over the channel to the distant lights of Tortola.

We also set anchor at Treasure Point and snorkel in and out of the Caves with schools of brilliantly colored fish.

Peter Island

Great Harbour, Peter Island provides a perfect place to learn to kneeboard or waterski. Perhaps you'd like to learn to windsurf. A sojourn in Little Harbour, Peter Island, soaking in the sounds of silence, the picturesque palm trees and sipping a cool drink, you can look forward to another splendid dinner.


Tortola is the largest island within the British Virgin Islands. It covers roughly 21 square miles and is twice the size of Virgin Gorda, the next largest island. A few specific places on Tortola are listed below.

Cane Garden Bay

Cane Garden Bay is a perfect half moon of beach below the tower and rain forest of Tortola's Sage Mountain.

Road Town, Beef Island

Road Town is the capital of the British Virgin Islands. Main Street in Road Town has many shops and restaurants.

Trellis Bay

Trellis Bay bay is a short walk from Tortola's Beef Island Airport. You can literally drag your bags about two-hundred yards and have a drink at a beach bar where we will pick you up and take you to your catamaran achored offshore.

Nearby Bellamy Cay, so small you ought not blink for fear of missing it, is nestled in Trellis Bay at the foot of Tortola's airport. This is the home of the Last Resort, a popular charterer's watering hole and noted for the cabaret entertainment nightly.

West End

West End is a calm yet breezy anchorage, and the Customs House there is often the first stop for those sailing from St. Thomas and St. John. Several restaurants and shops line the inlet.

West End is also the home of Pussers, the famous rum company. There you will enjoy the Caribbean architecture and pastel colors in this thriving anchorage. Go ashore and visit the boutiques, sample the genuine Pussers Painkiller and watch the sun go down - perhaps this time you'll see the green flash!

Virgin Gorda

Virgin Gorda is the second largest of the British Virgin Islands, and home to the Baths, one of Mother Nature's intrigues. Hiking the short trail through the caves and boulders of the Baths to Devil's Bay is a must, but perhaps equally enjoyable is the ride through the jumble of villas and boulders to the top of the baths and the path down to the beach. Snorkelers here often see the entire range of tropical fish, from Sergeant Majors to slow gliding rays.

Virgin Gorda's North Sound is one of the most protected areas in the islands with well known resorts, plenty of shoreside activity, and fabulous snorkeling.

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Well, Kris and Marianne, we made it back!! One of these times we actually have to count the number of trips we have made with ya?ll. It?s been 16 years now since our first and quite a few times we have been lucky enough to be with you more than once a season! As always, the time this year was amazing! Laid back for us this time ? no snorkel or swim trips which was just what we needed! Getting us to our favorite anchorages in time for cocktails, lobster dinner at Anegada Reef, special time with you both on Cow Wreck beach, Anegada, Marina Cay, Peter Island, lunch at The Top Of The Bath ? all new wonderful memories to add to our own list. Time on Breanker is always so special ? the hospitality, the food ? amazing ? always SO GOOD, comforts of home and we are always still so pampered and cared for! We truly love you guys and hope to add to our memory and many more times on Breanker!! If not once more this season, hopefully next!! Thank you again for ALL you do and for always making us feel so special!! Much love.

Martin and Jodie, 20? Trips in 16 years

Dear Marianne and Kristian. WOW…..What to say!..... We have been lucky enough to see some beautiful places over the last 10 years or so, but this holiday takes the price for the best ever! So many beautiful places (and still so many left to see for next cruise…..!) Delecious food (every meal!) than even sometimes-defeated 4 teenagers! Great “Happy Hour” (or two hours or three) and some wonderful restaurants and bars you shoved us too. Hard not to admire what you do – not just the hard work, the professionalism, the hospitality, your relaxed and easy going atmosphere (perfect for vacation!) – but the character the two of you bring to us all. It has been a privileged getting to know you just a little bit….and a shame it will be a while before we see you again. We were all ready trying to figure out this morning when we can come back next year (Easter unlikely because of teenagers with Public exams!)….but we will figure it out, even if we have to miss a season! Love you both, thanks for a wonderful time, for sharing your home with us and for being so relaxed and welcoming with “our” four guys. We will miss you both…. Until next time….

Mary and Tom

2nd annual Chicago Parrot-head sail charter!

The second time was as good as the first! Both the returners and the newbie’s had a great time. The food and the hospitality was fabulous and the destinations were as well. Thank you for getting us safely to Virgin Gorda in gale force winds – it was totally worth it to get to the Baths. We appreciate the fact that you kept the sun shining all the time, even with the crazy winds. We will be back!

(Note to Kristian from Kristin: Thank you for telling me over and over what island we were on and where we were going and how long it would take to sail there!!)☺

Thank you for such a wonderful ride! We loved the sights/ the food/ the drink/ and the company. Safe home! Slainte!

Billy and Kristin