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Dear Marianne and Kristian, thank you for taking care of us this past week, it has been a great experience and is even better than I thought it was. The islands and beaches were great as well as the snorkeling, seeing a lot of fish and even a turtle. You both were lovely and made great food and drinks, and I hope to return to the BVI soon for another sail. Good luck with your next charter.

James (age 14)

From all of us, thank you for welcoming us into your world and home. The seas, dives, Happy Hours and meals were all superb – only surpassed by the graciousness of our hosts. We are lucky to be able to call you friends. We had a wonderful time! Thanks for all the hard work and the hospitality to make our vacation fun! We love you!! Waiting to return soon…. (your favorite 3rd grader Greg!!!) Hope to see you both again

The Tupelo Crew, The Burks, Ramsey’s and West

Thank you for having me! I really enjoyed the food and all of the beautiful sites. I loved getting to do different things and meeting new people. I love you guys! I love the beach!

P.S. Kristian I loved sailing! I am going to get my sailing license.

The girly sea girl

Mary (age 11)

“Heaven on a plate” – Marianne’s food
Thank you so much for taking us to amazing snorkeling spots and windy sailing. The food was amazing and I hope we can come again next break.

Jack (age 11)

I love the food it is awesome. It was so fun.

Suzie (age 8)

This is the place to be.

Kian (age 10)

With my grandchildren joining me on their first sea voyage, I wanted a conservative and cautious captain and mate. Our captain was so cautious, that he married his wife “ The Admiral Marianne” after their grandchild was borne! That’s what I call a cautious man that you can trust your loved ones to keep safe and give them enough fun that they would like to come back. My grandchildren are calling me to the dinner table and telling me that I do not have to write a book. Let me tell you, a book long written is well short of what Marianne and Kristian can tell!!!

Dr. S

WOW what an incredible first sailing trip with the kids! We will defiantly return and charter with you again! You set a great course packed with everything that everyone wanted to do! It’s a hard job to satisfy 7 people all with different whishes and you did it with such grace and charm. We look forward to a future trip.


We came far and long. We floated on Breanker for a week. I was taking my wife, child, son-in-law and grandchildren to an unknown captivity in a boat with a strange name, and captain and admiral with even stranger names. Now I am in the harbor to take the plane home from Beef Island airport. We do not want to be sad, as the week has been the most fun my traveled grandchildren and I have had! So much that we are considering joining The Viking Clan in Denmark! Fortunate are people who are given the chance to spend time with the beautiful Marianne and Kristian. We all love them and promise to be back.


Thank you for teaching us how to make conch fries.

Cyrus (age 12)