All of our Guest Comments

This has been the best 40 years anniversary trip I could have asked for and surprised Steve with. Andrew was so right, ?Best crew you can get?. Thank you for a wonderful time and that very special Champagne to end the trip. I look forward to my Christmas card this December and every one after. One day we will be back and hopefully you and Kristian will still be here and not retired! Best trip ever! Thank you so much.


You guys rock! You did an awesome job! Thank you for the food and steak!
I am so glad I came to Marianne and Kristian.

Maya (age 6)

Dear Mrs. Marianne and Kristian,

Thank you for cooking so good food and being good drivers. I will never forget you guys. Please let us come back to the Breanker. If there were any option we would choose you.

Love Kegan

Kegan (age 8)

Priceless memories will live with us forever. Great weather, food, drinks, family and 2 great friends You two are “the class of the Caribbean!” Thank you so much! Keep up good work – we will be back soon –

Nilesh and Monica

Dear Mrs. Marianne and Captain Megasore,

Thank you SO MUCH for the fantastic food and great hospitality. I really enjoyed the beautiful beaches that you took us to. I especially liked Sandy Spit. I hope to come back next year. You guys are really great people.

We will miss you! (a lot)(and your great food) Take care of the crabs 4 us – please!

Rekha (age 11)

Dear Marianne and Kristian. By reading through many of the entries in this guest book, I can see we are not the only people who have been totally blown away by this incredible experience – turtles, sharks, dolphins, barracudas, Rays, Kenny Chesney and pain-killers – What a week!! Thanks for every thing – come visit Austin soon! Highly recommended, can’t wait to do it again.

Vivek and Brittany

Dear Marianne and Kristian, Thank you so much for this last week. I have enjoyed every part of this week. The food has been consistently amazing, as have been the drinks! The ship is beautiful and very homely. I wish I could stay longer. I loved the island and all the places we went, and I can’t wait to come back.
Thanks so much, Rob

Rob (age 16)

Dear Marianne and Kristian, thank you for taking care of us this past week, it has been a great experience and is even better than I thought it was. The islands and beaches were great as well as the snorkeling, seeing a lot of fish and even a turtle. You both were lovely and made great food and drinks, and I hope to return to the BVI soon for another sail. Good luck with your next charter.

James (age 14)

Dear Marianne and Kristian. Thank you for an incredible experience. It’s been amazing. Every thing was better that expected. The boat was brilliant, the islands was beautiful and the food was to good to be true. You are both extremely welcoming and hospitable, I really felt at home. I just hope I wasn’t to much trouble. In my gap-year I would love to be able to visit for a while and say hi.
Hope all continues to go well.

Thank you

Byron (age 16)

Dear Marianne and Kristian. Hearing that we were going to be on a boat for the most part of our vacation exited me greatly, and it did not disappoint. The food was superb and the drinks were amazing! – especially Kristian’s painkillers. We have had the honor of visiting some brilliant islands and reefs. The atmosphere and warmth on this boat have been very special, and you are both lovely, caring people.
Thank you for a brilliant week.

Simon (age 14)