All of our Guest Comments

Thanks you for a wonderful first time! You were gracious hosts. Food was wonderful. We had a great time. Come visit us in North Carolina.

Joan and Russ

Excellent meals, very experienced crew and very cordial to our every needs. Breanker is a wonderful memory for us. Go Vikings!


This has been the most perfect experience. You both are very talented and made the charter so special for us. The food and beverages was top notch. It could not have been a better experience with y'all. Everything was perfect. We cannot wait to visit again. I hope I didn?t ruin your boat too much. J Thank you again.

Ginny Rae and Brad

Thank you very much for this great vacation ? I enjoyed it very much. I hope we will see you soon on another trip.


Thanks for a great vacation. We enjoyed it very much. We hope to visit you again or on Moen ? was great everything! Takket vaere en million.

Heinz and Ingrid

My dear friends, Kristian and Marianne thanks for doing such a fantastic trip for us again. You two are truly the best!!! The food, the cocktails, and your company, your great Breanker ? all top top top notch. Much love to you and I cannot thank you enough. xoxo


Without a doubt over the top ? quality ? quality ? quality. We loved the food and of course the beverages as both Kristian and Marianne is very talented. We will rebook in the future, as we could not find one fault. All was perfect. We found that the other guests were also the best. They not only kept us entertained but took us to many spots in the BVI.

Bob and Marge

This has been the best 40 years anniversary trip I could have asked for and surprised Steve with. Andrew was so right, ?Best crew you can get?. Thank you for a wonderful time and that very special Champagne to end the trip. I look forward to my Christmas card this December and every one after. One day we will be back and hopefully you and Kristian will still be here and not retired! Best trip ever! Thank you so much.


May you never lie, steal or drink. If you lie, lie in the arms of the one you love. If you cheat, cheat death. If you steal, steal way from bad company. And if you must drink, then drink with us because we are your friends. Being in BVI is a blessing for Giselle and I. A trip of a lifetime that words can?t explain how I feel while I am here. Each day is a special memory and because we were able to enjoy the BVI with our children, I wish they were here. I am very grateful for all you have done for us on our trip. This trip is in honor of our 40th Anniversary so we will be back in 40 years.

Steve and Giselle

Kristian and Marianne. Thank you for hosting Martin and I for our first BVI trip together ? very special. We are ?foodies? and enjoyed every bite! Really delicious! Martin?s comment was ?I know now I can stay in close quarters with you for a week?. He was just kidding but it really is the closest quarters we have been in together. You also have to understand that we also work together ? just like you two. It takes a special couple to do this and you are! Wonderful week that we will remember for a lifetime! All is? gooder than good? as the Southerners? says in SC?. We are sad to go?.

Jennifer and Martin