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Marianne and Kristian. Thank you for a trip of a lifetime! You took us on so many adventures that we?ll never forget. I said it every time I passed the galley, and every time each meal was served but the food was AMAZING!!! Not only did we have a great time, but we learned so much about the BVI, sailing and your Danish culture. Thank you both for these amazing memories that we?ll hold dear to our hearts.

Emma (15)

I loved being onboard the Breanker. Some of the best days I have ever had. Weather was relatively good J the food was amazing. I had a fun time doing one of my first salt water dives with Kristian (our amazing captain). Checked out some great spots, meet some nice people?.and had a great time! P.S. Thanks for the food Marianne and the dive Kristian and every thing to the both of you!

Ethan (13)

Great views, great meals, great company! Thank you for everything it was an outstanding vacation that will be impossible to forget. The Breanker will always hold special memories!


Had a great time on the Breanker with you guys. I couldn?t have had a better trip! Thank you very much!


?Rain drops keep falling on my head? Really? Batten down the hatches. Loved every minute! BTW ? Need GPS for the adventures ? thanks for waiting Kristian


Beautiful week spend down here with you pirates. Thanks again for all your hospitality, the food was unreal!


Absolutely fantastic family vacation! Sooo enjoyed your company and our adventure on the Breanker! This will be a memory to last a lifetime! Thank you for all that you did to make us feel so welcome and comfortable. The BVI?s are beautiful ? Jay loved it too! xo

Stacey and Tom

To great hosts! We came as a group of 8 friends from Lake lure. We sometimes call ourselves ?Lake Lure Locusts? because we came as a swarm. I was not sure what to expect, but I will never forget the great times we had during our 8 days. Snorkeling was awesome, I got to use my noodle sling (could have sold it several times) and the very good hike at the Bitter End was so great. To me the highlight of the trip was the sailing with both sails. Now for the most important part the food. We could have never imagined how good it was going to be. Our every wish and desire was granted to us. Hats off to both of you. P.S. Come and visit us in the mountains.

Chris and Carol

Marianne and Kristian ? A truly unique experience ? full of fun and adventure. You both made us feel comfortable and relaxed. The food was excellent ? a culinary delight! Thanks for a wonderful time!

Patti and Jim

Thanks you for a wonderful first time! You were gracious hosts. Food was wonderful. We had a great time. Come visit us in North Carolina.

Joan and Russ