All of our Guest Comments

Kristian and Marianne. Thank you so much for this amazing experience. Being able to relax completely stress free with my family has been wonderful. We will never be able to top this experience from this amazing time in our lives. You have both been kind and so unbelievably accommodating. We?ve loved your stories and truly enjoyed meeting you both. The food, what else can we say?INCREDIBLE!! I hope to be back w/larger families. J

Mary and Sean

Kristian and Marianne, What an amazing week! Thank you so much for sharing your boat with us. We loved the amazing food. Marianne, you are a great cook. Great places to snorkel. Just loved everything J

Michael and Shari

P.S. Marianne, also wanted to thank you for sharing your holistic reads and coconut oil with me.


Kristian and Marianne, Thank you, thank you, thank you. My husband and I have traveled to many places and experienced many hosts. You by far are our favorite. As first time sailors you?ve made this the best experience ever. Your food was to die for and we are very picky about food quality. Every island stop we made you made it so easy and delightful to get around and enjoy. Our rooms were delightful for a 6?6ft man and his 5?10 wife. Your home (boat) felt like home and you made us feel so welcome! I could recommend your charter or this experience to anyone and know they would be in good hands. Thank you so much for such a beautiful, happy and enjoyable vacation. I feel honored to have met you and hope we meet again ? in Denmark or back on Breanker ? we may have small babies next time but you already promised that was OK! xoxo

Lauren and Joe

Kristian and Marianne, An unbelievable experience. We have never enjoyed a vacation more than this one and we have been on many, trust me. The best part is that it was totally stress free? we never had to make a decision, we were totally catered to every minute, and the food was incredible. We will totally be back!

Linda and Dan

Kristian and Marianne, You two operate this boat and craft this vacation experience with a level of expertise, calm and warmth that has likely spoiled me for any other charter. I will remember every delicious morsel and the coral flower garden for years to come. Thank you for letting us take part in this harmonious adventure with you and we hope to see you in 2017 if not sooner.


Well, Kris and Marianne, we made it back!! One of these times we actually have to count the number of trips we have made with ya?ll. It?s been 16 years now since our first and quite a few times we have been lucky enough to be with you more than once a season! As always, the time this year was amazing! Laid back for us this time ? no snorkel or swim trips which was just what we needed! Getting us to our favorite anchorages in time for cocktails, lobster dinner at Anegada Reef, special time with you both on Cow Wreck beach, Anegada, Marina Cay, Peter Island, lunch at The Top Of The Bath ? all new wonderful memories to add to our own list. Time on Breanker is always so special ? the hospitality, the food ? amazing ? always SO GOOD, comforts of home and we are always still so pampered and cared for! We truly love you guys and hope to add to our memory and many more times on Breanker!! If not once more this season, hopefully next!! Thank you again for ALL you do and for always making us feel so special!! Much love.

Martin and Jodie, 20? Trips in 16 years

I loved being onboard the Breanker. Some of the best days I have ever had. Weather was relatively good J the food was amazing. I had a fun time doing one of my first salt water dives with Kristian (our amazing captain). Checked out some great spots, meet some nice people?.and had a great time! P.S. Thanks for the food Marianne and the dive Kristian and every thing to the both of you!

Ethan (13)

Thank you for your hospitality, experience and wonderful meals. We enjoyed every minute of our time on Breanker. One of the best holidays we have ever had!

Gordon, Donna, Emma and Ethan

So thrilled that our first introduction to the BVI was on board the Breanker. We loved celebrating the New Year at Foxy?s, exploring great snorkeling spots and soaking up the sun in the trampoline! The eight of us had a fantastic vacation. We are all well rested and well fed. Thank you!

Bill, Sheila, Riley and Grace