All of our Guest Comments

Dear Kristian and Marianne. Thank you so much for your kind hospitality. You two are gracious hosts who made us feel at home and so very welcomed. We have all had a wonderful time this week with ya?ll on Breanker and are so looking forward to seeing you again for another smooth sailing vacation. You two are such a wonderful team with great food, wonderful sailing and delicious blueberry cheesecake to boot! (Hopefully Scott can make it next time.)

Lisa, 2-time repeat customer

It?s a rather sad morning as we draw near to St. John to end another beautiful time with you both on Breanker. We?ve enjoyed our time with you again and hate to see it come to an end. You both are consummate hosts. Thank you for sharing your boat and yourselves with us. My favorite breakfast place in the world is the cockpit of Breanker wherever she may be anchored or moved.

Woody and Linda

Kristian and Marianne, from the moment we stepped onboard have been amazing! Our rooms were very comfortable and clean. The food was incredible?. Every meal was wonderful. Beautiful snorkeling and sailing was great. What we liked most was the personal experience with both you and Kristian. This was a once in a lifetime but hoping to do it again soon. Thanks so much for the great hospitality and experience.

Michael and Jennifer

Kristian and Marianne, where do I start? This has been a wonderful week. From the moment we stepped onboard our every need and want has been taken care off. All meals were wonderful, coves spectacular and the company was great! It will be extremely hard to step back into reality next week. Thank you for a wonderful trip!! We look forward to returning!

Michelle and Richard

Kristian and Marianne, It is hard to describe in words how wonderful this past week has been. It truly has been a dream vacation! Your hospitality and all your efforts to provide such an exciting and wonderful week is so appreciated! Our meals were delicious and served with such beautiful flair. 11 years ago Rex and I were in Tortola and saw boats like this in various areas we visited. It looked like the guests were having so much fun. Even with such a memory I could not imagine just how wonderful this week truly would be! It has been a trip of a lifetime!! Thank you!!

Rex and Susan

On behalf of all of us, I will start by saying thank you a million times for such a great week! You are masters at your craft and have toured and fed us to an incredible state of bliss. Clada and I have done this several times before and you have raised the bar, to a new and very high level?. Thank you so much! Your boat lay out is out of this world!!!

Chic and Clada

Kristian and Marianne, thank you for a fabulous week! Every thing was first class. It was my first crewed charter and I shall never ever bare boat again.


Kristian and Marianne, thank you for a week in Shangri-La!! Smooth sailing, DELICIOUS food, always a smile and great stories. The Breanker is Heaven. You showed us the best BVI, but your warm style added to the special feeling. It was an absolute pleasure to sail with you ? many, many thanks!

Stacy and Dave

What an amazing time we have had. We were the virgins to the BVI but what a fab boat, crew and crewmates we have had. Amazing experience. Kristian and Marianne made our maiden voyage in BVI that will last forever and we hope we will return again. (If you will have us). The boat is perfect ? great comfortable accommodation ? fantastic trampoline-sundeck ? the biggest of our flotilla of boats. Thanks you guys ? true hosts!

Steve and Anne

The ?whistling 8? of February 2016 are so grateful to Marianne and Kristian for a week filled with many laughs, great food and?. ? the chance to observe their seamless dance as they worked together in every aspect of this week ? their extreme knowledge of the BVI and their ability to customize our trip, showing us the best spots, and their beautiful timing which allowed us to do a lot of activities without ever being rushed ? We loved Marianne?s ?story time? ? we loved the quiet sailing ? we appreciated their professionalism and attention to detail which created a relaxed, safe atmosphere ? Mil was appreciative that there was no judging on the amount of alcohol we consumed J Thank you for making each of us feel so special! ? P.S. Sorry about the fishing line x 2?.

Lisa and Kenny, Christine and Erich, Bern and Mil, Kate and Dave