All of our Guest Comments

Thank you for a wonderful week. We ate well, had fun, did what we wanted to when we wanted to and enjoyed your company. This is definitely the way to see the island of BVI, and it was different than our Breanker trip 3 years ago.

Your warmth and ready smiles made us feel at home immediately – the beautiful and delicious meals, the rare rain, (mostly at night), and your lovely boat all combined to make this a week to remember.

Thank you, thank you, thank you,

Carie and Ron, Judy and Mat

A very special trip. As I sit here on the last morning watching the sunrise and the beautiful cluster of islands, it is hard to believe I will be back in the mountains of Idaho soon. The wonderful sounds of water and wind will soon be replaced with the hustle and bustle of my restaurant, a chef coat instead of a swimsuit. I am fortunate to lead the life that I have chosen. Trips like this make it even more special. Thank you Kristian and Marianne for sharing your world. It is simply amazing!


Thank you so much for the wonderful week on Breanker. We all had a great time – The beautiful little private harbors, the sea turtle sightings, the adventurous dives, the delicious and beautiful meals, the perfect weather, the beautiful boat, the laughs at dinner time, the tequila shots….And on and on and on!

We so appreciate you making us so comfortable in your floating home… and the lengths you went to to accommodate us (picky eaters, air tanks, football game!)…

We thank you and hope to see you on Cape Cod. Our door is always open, the welcome mat out!

Ted, Lou, Erin, & Ryan

It is with mixed emotions that we leave, sadness at ending our week with you and delight at the weeks adventures. I loved the beautiful isolated bays, the long ocean trip, the sail on Saturday, the exploring for dive sites and the little community that developed onboard as our three families developed our rhythm.

Thank you for your hospitality in your beautiful floating home. Your flexibility, experience, knowledge and kindness created a memorable ambience as we roamed the seas. Thanks also for arranging such unusually beautiful weather and creating such delicious fare for our idiosyncratic palates.

Ginny and Nate

Thank you for such a fine week! I have had such a good time traveling all around the BVI’s and getting to see so much in a short time. I hope we will be back soon!

Thank you again!


Thank you so much for everything ya’ll have done for us this past week. I have had so much fun. I hope we will get to come back in the future!


I appreciate everything that you have done for us this week. It made our vacation so much fun and relaxing. And of course the food was wonderful! You are wonderful people and thank you again for a great week.